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Perfection does not exist, but there is room in the field of textiles!

Les Marsiens have set themselves the goal of helping to protect our beautiful planet and that won’t happen without you!

A cool look that respects the Earth.

Wearing eco-friendly clothes does not necessarily mean dressing in burlap! Carefully selected eco-friendly materials, exclusive prints worked in collaboration with artists… Dressing in Les Marsiens means being stylish while respecting the environment !

1% to save humans

By buying Les Marsiens, you donate 1% of your purchase to ONG, which helps people fleeing misery and hunger every day. Every life counts, regardless of origin and social condition.

Made in near you :

France and Portugal (GOTS certified factory), it’s close and the working standards are good and respectful. You are helping to revitalize the local economy.

Organic is non-negotiable.

You thus participate in respecting the soil, limiting the use of water, protecting insects and the entire ecosystem. The planet’s resources are limited, let’s preserve them as much as possible. We have chosen a single label, that of GOTS, because it is the highest level of certification possible to date in the textile sector. Everything is traceable, whether on the raw material or on the working conditions.

A local, social and inclusive approach,

with our integration workshop, in Mayenne, France. The models are adapted and the deadlines are tenable for people in integration. It is a question of giving everyone a chance, of fitting into a social and local logic. Why send help to the other side of the world when you can help right up to your doorstep? It’s not incompatible, but it starts there.

Produce less and better.

Our partners require production minima, which vary according to the factory or workshop. We have deliberately designed our strategy based on these minimums so as not to over-produce, stockpile or worse, sell off! Part of the collection is created from existing fabric stocks (known as upcycling). You thus participate in producing less raw material and revaluing existing stocks.

The models remain, the fabrics evolve.

Upcycling, by definition, is not a bottomless pit. Sourcing is complex (at least if you want consistency) and stocks are often limited. The models remain but the fabrics evolve season after season, according to our finds. Added to this is the desire to work with emerging artists, who therefore come with their own vision and bring their stone to the edifice of the Marsians.

Support emerging artists

because it is never easy to start and make yourself known. Everyone wins: our brand for freshness and novelty, the artist for visibility. You allow the emergence of new talents!

0 plastic goal.

No production of new material from the petro-chemical industry. Everything that is produced for Les Marsiens comes from either natural GOTS or recycled material! No individual plastic packaging from the factory or workshop to your home (we don’t remove the bag to make you think it’s plastic free!). This requires a certain organization, more demanding, but the result is worth the effort! The envelope, so that the garment arrives at your home safe and sound, is also chosen in a 0 plastic and 0 waste logic. And if we could deliver everything by bike or solar vehicle, believe us, we would!

A fair and equitable price.

A fair and equitable price. We are not saying that it is not expensive because making quality clothes in factories or workshops in France or Portugal has a cost. In order to offset these costs, we limit our operating margin to remain accessible. Because ethical and responsible fashion should not be reserved for an elite. You are all entitled to it!

Here, sales do not exist!

Because the good deal is to buy a quality garment at the right price. We all have bad habits, but you can totally change that.


Les Marsiens are registered as a Benefit Corporation and therefore with a certain number of environmental and social commitments.

By buying Les Marsiens, you participate in creating a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world. Thank you !

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