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Les Marsiens, a committed clothing brand, a look that respects earthlings and their planet !

Newly arrived among us, Les Marsiens fell in love with our planet and decided to settle there.
There seems to be no better for light years around.
Concerned about our future, they made it their mission to help us change our habits and decided to create a brand of children’s clothing that respects the planet and the earthlings.

why clothes ?

Because earthlings are not yet ready to live naked…

Because this essential industry has a considerable impact on our environment and a lot of progress can be made. Because, too often, the people who make our clothes work in intolerable conditions.

why children ?

Because they have a fresh and creative look at our world, because it is through them that change happens. Because they have this ability to marvel at everything and have fun with anything.

And Les Marsiens love to have fun!

Les Marsiens are also keen to highlight the know-how and creativity of the inhabitants of our planet. For this, they want to build each collection hand in hand with an emerging artist.

They thus celebrate their inner child and their ability to draw inspiration from the spectacle that Nature offers us.

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